Cocktails  5.20


Sweet vermouth and rye whisky, set off with a dash
off Angostura bitters: alcohol 2.50

Quantro Mojito

White rum, fresh lime, mint, lemonade, Angostura
bitters and lots of ice: alcohol 2.50

The Classic Martini

Gin or vodka, noilly prat and a twist of lemon:
alcohol 2.00

Bloody Mary

Fresh tomato juice, vodka, salt, pepper and Worcester
sauce, and a hint of tabasco: alcohol 2.00

Harvey Wallbanger

Vodka, galliano and fresh orange juice: alcohol 2.50

A Clockwork Orange

Grand Marnier, coffee liqueur,  creme de banane,
double cream: alcohol 2.50


Vodka, cointreau, cranberry juice and a dash of lime:
alcohol 2.50


Bottled Lagers: 3.50
Peroni : 3.75
Budvar 500ml: 3.95
Bottled Cider: 3.30
Bottled beer: Black Sheep 500ml: 3.95
House  spirits   25 ml 2.30 50 ml 4.20
All malt whiskies 25ml 3.80 50ml 7.00
Harrogate spring water still / sparkling 330 ml 1.60 750 ml 3.20
All mixers: 1.60
All juices: 1.80

Soft drinks:

J20_ 2.05
Elderflower sparkling_1.95
Cocacola_ normal / diet _ 1.95
Appletiser_ 1.95
Ginger beer_ 2.00 Alcohol 0.5
Liqueurs & house brandy:  all at 3.80
Liqueur coffees: with double cream 4.80

Alcohol 1.00 is one unit of alcohol